Crawler Excavators, New machinery
Engine Cummins F3.8 Stage V
Operational weight 14405 kg
Bucket capacity 0.50 m³ – 0.77 m³
Max. digging reach 7420 mm


Technical information

Cummins F3.8 Stage V
Operational weight
14405 kg
Bucket capacity
0.50 m³ – 0.77 m³
Rated motor power
100 kw / 134 hp / 2200 rpm
Power, kW
100 kW
Swing speed
11.4 rpm
Travel speed (min/max)
3.2 / 5.5 km/h
Max. digging depth
4700 mm
Max. digging reach
7420 mm
Bucket digging force (iso)
103 kN
Arm digging force (iso)
81 kN

Product Information

The HX140LC delivers excellent durability and trusted reliability. When it comes to performance and productivity, the engine and hydraulic system of the HX140LC are unbeatable.

The design optimises the combustion and torque for faster cycles and maximum results. Choose between four work modes, auto-idle and machine diagnostics. For further fuel savings, auto shutdown helps owners save fuel during non-working conditions. You’re more productive when you’re comfortable. The HX140LC has a spacious cabin, excellent visibility, high-performance air conditioning and extra storage. The standard air suspension seat includes height and weight adjustments.

  • 90% Reduction in PM & Nox
  • Improved Cycle Time – up to 5% faster
  • Up to 5% More fuel-efficient in leveling

Intelligent Power Control

Tailor your machine performance. Intelligent Power Control (IPC) regulates the hydraulic pumps depending on the job you want to do. Simply select speed mode, balance mode or efficiency more to tailor your machine’s performance.

ECO Gauge

The ECO Gauge gives you instant fuel efficiency feedback as you work. You can also monitor detailed information on average, hourly and daily fuel consumption to help you work more economically.

8-inch Touchscreen Display

Machine functions are clearly visible on an 8-inch touchscreen display, with centralized switch below the screen making it easy to check and adjust setting.


For maximum convenience and security, all Hyundai Crawler Excavators feature Hyundai’s exclusive Hi-MATE remote fleet management system, which uses mobile data technology to provide the highest level of service and support. The system makes it easy to evaluate machine productivity and plan servicing and maintenance tasks, as well as any required cost saving measures. It also offers geofencing to protect your machines against theft and unauthorized usage.

Easy Maintenance

Easy servicing for trouble-free ownership. working to a busy schedule, you need equipment that runs smoothly and can be easily maintained. The HX-series were designed to allow fast, easy servicing and monitoring at any time. This includes easy access to important servicing points as well as clear information about maintenance status via the instrument cluster.

Centralised Instrument Cluster

The centralised instrument cluster gives you a constant overview of machine status and operating parameters, including overload warnings, a travel alarm, an inclination sensor, information on heater interoperation, wipers and lamps, and indicators for the audio AUX and air conditioning systems. The urea level and external temperature can be checked quickly using the monitor. The large touchscreen display is easy to read while you work, further improving safety and convenience.