Leasing and insurance

All construction equipment sold by HML, UAB can be purchased through leasing. Both legal (enterprises, companies, institutions, etc.) and private persons can use the services.

The most popular types of leasing are:

1. Financial leasing

Financial leasing is an excellent investment financing tool, suitable for both large and small companies. After taking advantage of this financing option, the customer will be able to freely use the purchased construction equipment. The essence of financial leasing is related to the accounting of the value of the lessee’s material assets. The lease payment consists of the asset redemption payment and interest. Interest and depreciation are classified as costs, and value added tax is accounted according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. The equipment belongs to the leasing company in the right of ownership for the whole year or during the period of validity of the leasing agreement. Ownership is transferred to the Lessee immediately upon payment of the last installment. VAT on the value of the equipment (21%) and interest are included in regular monthly payments.


  • No need to pledge additional assets;
  • You choose the basic conditions (the amount of the initial payment, the leasing period, the payment method) taking into account your needs and possibilities;
  • We help you purchase the property you need and take care of all necessary documentation.


2. Rental of construction equipment

Operating lease is a lease transaction where the leasing company acquires the property desired by the client and transfers it to the client for use for a pre-agreed period. At the end of the lease agreement, the customer can return the asset to the leasing company, enter into a new operating lease agreement for the same asset, or enter into a contract for a new asset. The essence of the provided service is the provision of construction equipment rental services for a certain fixed fee and maintenance of construction equipment, freeing up working capital, simplifying accounting, reducing direct activity support and service costs.

3. Insurance of mobile equipment

The mobile equipment insurance is a type of insurance designed to ensure special purpose machines that cannot be covered by normal property or vehicle insurance. This is especially relevant for farmers, agricultural companies, construction organizations, forest and loading companies. Depending on the insurance option, the equipment is insured not only against accidents but also against various incidents at work, e. g. rollovers, collisions, as well as from fire, water, theft, natural forces and other property risks. In the event of an accident, insurance is a great help and financial support to the owner who lost the property. In our practice, we have more than one case when an insurance payment saved us from a possible suspension of operations.

We’re in this business for a decade and offer special insurance conditions including friendly prices. During the entire contract period, we consult, advise and help in the event of damage.


If you have any questions about HYUNDAI service, original parts or factory warranty, contact our service manager:

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