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Meet the all-new series of Hyundai A-Series Articulated Dump Trucks

The new Hyundai HA30A and HA45A articulated dump trucks are the next piece in our heavy equipment range and fit perfectly alongside our other A-Series machines.

Smart solutions

In tough and demanding environments, you need smart solutions to make your life easier. Hyundai ADTs are full of them, all designed to save you time and money.

The optional heated tipping body prevents frozen material sticking to it, enabling quicker and easier unloading.
The sloping chassis design prevents materials such as gravel falling out, even without a tailgate.
An electronically managed body hoist lever is easy to operate and keeps you safe at all times.
Well positioned controls and high-quality seat mean a more productive operator.
Information from a rear-view camera and real-life payload meter are displayed on the in cab display panel.
Hi MATE telematics system lets you remotely evaluate machine performance, access diagnostic information, and verify machine locations.

Exceptional comfort & ease of use

The HA30A ADT has been designed with one of the most spacious and comfortable cabs in the industry, with convenient, easy-to-use controls.
Climate control and a high-quality seat with air suspension and armrest give greater operator comfort.
Stay comfortable throughout the working day with precise steering, good visibility, low noise levels and optional vertical movement.
Well positioned 7″ LCD colour panel, displays all the information you need to know.
You only need your fingertips to control an electronic body hoist lever.
The cab is suspended on a rubber mount to prevent vibration and reduce noise.

Lower cost of ownership

A combination of long-lasting components, less moving parts and clever design, reduce servicing and maintenance to keep costs down.
The new HA30A has one rear differential and a simple driveline with fewer moving parts, for less maintenance costs.
A sloping chassis keeps more wet materials inside the tipping body to save time and money.
Compact dimensions allow it to be moved on a shorter low loader to save transport costs.
Convenient auto grease system means lubricating is one less thing to worry about.
Equal weight distribution ensures the same load on every tyre and so, less wear.
Stage V engine delivers high torque at low rpm with low fuel consumption.


Model: HA30A
Body volume (without/with tailgate): 16.8m3/17.8m3
Payload: 28 tonnes
Engine: Scania DC9 Stage V
Power: 375hp (276kW)
Torque: 1,876Nm

Model: HA45A
Body volume (without/with tailgate): 24.4m3/26.0m3
Payload: 41 tonnes
Engine: Scania DC13 Stage V
Power: 500hp (368kW)
Torque: 2,476Nm