Compact excavators, New machinery
Engine Kubota d1305
Operational weight 3005 kg
Bucket capacity 0.07 m³
Max. digging reach 3030 mm


Technical information

Kubota d1305
Operational weight
3005 kg
Bucket capacity
0.07 m³
Rated motor power
19.0 kw / 26 hp / 2350 rpm
Power, kW
19.0 kW
Swing speed
13.7 rpm
Travel speed (min/max)
2.5 / 4.5 km/h
Max. digging depth
2720 mm
Max. digging reach
3030 mm
Bucket digging force (iso)
20.1 kgf
Arm digging force (iso)
13.7 kn

Product Information

Part of the 3-4 tonne size class, the Hyundai R30Z-9AK is a 3.4t zero tail swing mini-excavator delivering powerful performance. The R30Z-9AK, which has a narrower stance, is ideal if you frequently have to work around width restrictions such as doors or gates. You can boost your digging performance with the long-arm option or a clamp.

The fingertip-controlled boom offers the double benefit of improved controllability of the boom swing function, while also creating more floor space and comfort for the operator.

  • Comfortable Operator Cabin
  • Easy Maintenance Access
  • Zero-Tail Swing

Minimal & Zero Tail Swing

Do you frequently work in confined areas, close to objects, or against a wall? On models with minimal and conventional tail swing, the rear of the house protrudes beyond the width of the tracks. To avoid this restriction and give yourself the greatest flexibility, choose a zero tail swing model.

Cabin Comfort

You’ll be more attentive and productive if your compact excavator is quieter, easier to operate, and set to your preferred temperature. All our current models continue the Hyundai tradition of comfortable machines with design focused on the operator. Enjoy more cabin space, easy-to-operate controls, advanced climate control and lower noise levels.

Ergonomic Controls

The left- and right-hand control levers are located for maximum convenience. The dozer blade and track extension are controlled using ergonomically configured, pilot-operated hand levers. The control switches on the left-hand console are also positioned for comfortable access and enhanced productivity.

Conventional Tail Swing

Compared to other models in the Hyundai line-up with minimal or zero tail swing, conventional tail-swing models typically deliver the greatest lift capacity. Some of our conventional tail-swing excavators may also have a narrower stance (width) for easier access through doorways, gates, property boundaries or other restrictions. If can also be helpful when you load the machine on a trailer for transportation.

Predictable Controls

Hyundai compact excavators give you perfect control of the boom, arm and bucket, even in the most challenging work environments. Having confidence in this control and your precise movements enables you to complete the job using your machine, instead of doing it with manual labor. This predictable control is delivered through exclusive control valve systems and torque-limiting piston pumps that match force with demand.

Easy Maintenance

With Hyundai compact excavators, you’ll find it easy to make maintenance part of your routine. Using Hyundai’s simple industry-leading service access checkpoints, you can quickly carry out preventative maintenance. Use your shop time to complete the job instead of trying to gain access to checkpoints – you’ll complete essential maintenance as scheduled and reduce your operating costs!