All HYUNDAI and Mecalac construction equipment can be lease purchased by legal person as well as by natural person. The most popular types of leasing are:

Financial Leasing

Financial leasing - it's a great investment financing tool, suitable for both large and small businesses. The use of this funding opportunity, will let the customer freely use the acquired construction machinery. The objective of financial leasing is related with lease receiver's tangible assets value accounting. The initial lease payment consists of redemption fee and interest. Interest and depreciation are attributed to the costs and value added tax is calculated according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. The leasing company has the ownership of the equipment throughout the year or during the term of the lease contract. The ownership of the machinery goes to the lease receiver immediately after the final payment. VAT (21%) and interest are included in regular monthly payments.

Operating leasing

Operating leasing - a rent agreement when leasing company acquires assets upon customer's request and gives an access to the client to use it for a pre-agreed period. At the end of the lease, the customer can return the property to the leasing company, and create a new operating lease for the same asset or to make a contract for a new property. The main objective of this type of leasing - construction equipment operating lease services for a monthly fee. This reduces direct operating support, maintenance costs etc.

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