HYUNDAI is the fifth largest manufacturer of construction equipment in the world that produces more than 25.000 vehicles per year.

In HYUNDAI factory in Ulsan (South Korea), there is a strict quality requirements applied not only for manufacturing but for environment as well. One of the objective is to produce construction equipment that would be easy to use and environment-friendly. There is a 5-year (10 000 hours) factory warranty for HYUNDAI construction equipment. However, the maintenance of the vehicles has to be executed according to the schedule recommended by the HYUNDAI manufacturer and importer in importer‘s technical support center using only genuine HYUNDAI parts.

If you have any questions regarding HYUNDAI services, genuine parts or factory warranty, please do not hesitate to contact our Service Manager: :

Gintautas Šiaulys
Service manager
Phone: +370 652 97277
Email: gintautas.siaulys@hml.lt